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Sunday, May 18, 2008

We got a Huge Sign!!

Hard to believe that we will be moving in 1 1/2 weeks!! yikes! ;0
We have typical sellers remorse now that the time is here.
We will miss our house and the weather, but not too much else about down here :(
Our realtor had asked us a couple of weeks ago if there was anything we would miss and I remember telling her that I wish our Jacaranda tree would bloom for us.
The story behind this Jacaranda is that it was a gift from Dan's job after his mom passed away. We bought it in a 25 gallon container right after her death. We bought it because it is very resilient and has blue flowers. Dan's mom loved blue flowers and we could not wait! We initially left it in the container because at that time we were selling our house in the Cape and moving to Bonita. That poor tree lived in that container for about a year. The nursery told us it takes about 7 years for it to bloom.
We have had this tree for 10 years now and it is huge! It has been through several hurricanes and has survived with scars.
Today we were hanging out with friends having a wonderful brunch, when I looked out the window and saw something catch my eye:

I had to walk outside to get a better look because I thought I was seeing things :)
Right below the flowers is a dove, one of the most peaceful birds. The kids and
I had been watching one walk around our railing outside the kitchen window just this morning and I had them both making cooing noises.

I thought about it for a sec and realized what an incredible sign from Dan's mom (the original Victoria!) she was such a peaceful, calm, loving woman.
I calmly walked back into the house and got Dan's attention to come outside for just a sec. We both stood on the porch and cried.
We both felt our angel watching over us!
What an amazing feeling :)
Everything will be ok.


Kim said...

What a precious story!! I'm glad you were both able to get that closure. (I guess it's time to get packing!!!) :)

Natalie C. said...

That is beautiful. I love when things like that happen. I am happy for ya'll.

Diana said...

Love those kinds of stories. Good luck with your upcoming move! Do you have a new place yet or are you just going hang out on the boat for awhile?

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sweet story! Thanks for sharing! You have an exciting adventure ahead of you!

Donna said...

I love signs like that! It gave me chills to read. Good luck with the sale, etc....

take care,

Jane said...

Wow Nancy, what a great gift before your big move. VERY touching and soooo special. You have been truly blessed in so many ways. ENJOY YOUR DREAM!

The Michauds

Anonymous said...

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