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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 5 of our grand adventure!

The kids doing their morning chores :)

The Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine being overhauled. It was scary driving the boat through it with all the construction going on.

This is the Fort in St. Augustine. Lots of boats around, but the weather was really windy and cool.

Hey bubba!! Passed this shrimp boat in the very narrow waterway!

This area is called Cabbage Swamp! So there are obviously lots of people who moved to Florida after buying swampland!! :) This area was all slow speed so we got to admire lots of yards.

The very unexciting entrance to the St. John's River! The wind was blowing like stink
(as Dan likes to say) We were rocking and rolling all over the place.

This is what greeted us on the St. John's River!!

Taking a rest before we get to nana's!

We were up at 6:30 and off the anchor by 7:00! We wanted to get moving to get as far as possible as there is supposed to be yucky weather tomorrow. We had done most of our traveling during the week so we would not have to run into weekend boaters! We ran into them lots today, many just do not know the rules of the road and it can be pretty scary when we are so big and only can manuever so much.
We were able to really get going, up on plane and trucking right along at 16 knots for quite a bit of the day. We even saw several eagles!

Today we traveled 108 statute miles! We traveled from Daytona Beach to Jacksonville! It took us 9 hours!
When we got to the marina at 4:00 and the dock we were supposed to tie up to was full of racing boats so we ended up tied to the fuel dock. The wind and waves were so strong. We were being slammed against the dock even with 8 bumpers along the side.
Danny was just beside himself when he saw nana coming down the dock and almost jumped right off the boat!! Luckily nana was able to take both kids onto land and keep them occupied, along with some goldfish.
Luckily we had another boater give us a hand, he was truly sent by god! He actually helped Dan set up our mooring lines so that we could get off the dock and sit at mooring. While they were busy doing all that I was packing everything up down below so we could get moving.
We had to bring all 6 bags to shore in a small work boat, but Dan did not get anything wet! We had to pop into the exchange so I could buy a car seat as I had forgotten victoria's in the truck.
both kids were so tired! Nana had a wonderful dinner ready to go, we all ate, showered and were asleep by 8:30!
I even got all our clothes cleaned! Nothing better than having mom around :)

Oh - did I mention that our realtor called the other day to tell us that the buyers were anxious to close as soon as possible and could we move up the closing date!! :)
Why wait a month and then want to rush? My guess is they want to spend memorial day here in fl. So we will be heading back home monday now to get things moving quickly!!
Both kids are missing the dogs something fierce!!
Hope everyone has a wonderful mother's day tomorrow!!


Natalie C. said...

Happy Mother's Day Nancy!

Sally- That Girl! said...

How awesome that everything is moving along with the house so nicely!!! I would rather sign sooner than later, just never know! Loved your blog during your great adventure! You guys are amazing!Happy belated Mother's Day!

Don and Be said...

What a wonderful diary of your trip.

KiT said...

what an adventure!