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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

bad blogger :(

Sorry it has been so long, been busy :)

Memorial Day Fair in Green cove Springs!

How cool - a street fair :)

Danny tried and tried, but Daddy had to help to finally ring the bell :)

Balloons - boy is this day great!

Walking together, holding hands :) Showing off their fair bling, Danny's feathers and Victoria's fairy headgear.

What kind of event would it be without a pavilion full of singers!

The kids danced and enjoyed it with their ice creams.

Playing on the slide together :)

Mom- I want one!

this is so cool!

Danny had camp and started get tutored. He had a great time! Victoria was NOT loving daycare this week. Sobbing & crying at drop off. I know she is ok once she settles down, but she was so easy last week. On her two days of daycare she refused to nap once home. Payback!

I had my female procedure last Friday, the worse part was being on clear liquids for the ENTIRE day before! We dropped both kids off first and then headed out. Victoria sobbed and told me "don't leave me!" Danny sobbed as we left her there and headed to his camp. What a way to start a stressful day. Nothing worse than being there two hours ahead of time and then they don't take you back for an hour!! They ended up taking me early and I don't remember any of it! The doctor said I would feel like I had bad cramps but that I would feel better within a couple of days. I do remember her talking to me in recovery, vaguely. Luckily she gave me pics :) Turns out I had 3 polyps not 1. She cleaned me out and everything has been sent off to get checked. Unfortunately she will be gone all this week on vacation so I won't get the results till next week :( I know it isn't anything, but until I know for SURE I will worry.
I actually felt better the next day :) Darvocet helped (1 only) My hip hurt more than anything else. It is still aching.

We started training with Maggie and Lexie on Saturday. One hour of concentration is very tiring. We worked the whole time on heel. Man I was sweating!
The trainer walking Maggie because they both wanted to be alpha dog.

Lexie walking Dan :)

Taking a break for snacks and juice :)

Boy training is HARD!

Don't even think about going for a walk!

Danny's new trick!!!

Oh my gosh he is going to be 7 this Friday!! Time flies too fast :(


Don and Be said...

Are y'all up for getting the kids together, perhaps during the first 2 weeks in August? I (Don) will have The Empress Mon-Fri (pre-school & swimming lessons over) and Be will be available on the weekends. Think about it. We would be jazzed to get to meet you!
Happy Birthday, Danny. You don't look a day over 6 and a half!

Alyson and Ford said...

Catching up too! Thanks for stopping by our blog.
Our house company just left and we are all left with colds.
We do miss Salty Dog so much!
Hoping you're feeling better (I am being scheduled for some female procedures too...biopsy and ablation; have had a rough past two months..). All in all, my work is exhausting and weekends with the kids and grands keeps us hopping. Glad to see all is well on your side of the river.
Happy Birthday Danny!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Just got caught up on your blog since the last time I visited. Oh my do you have a lot going on! V in preschool, how cute is that?!?!

You crack me up with your trip to the gyno, funny post as all of us women can relate.

Sorry to hear about your upcoming hip surgery. you and Bryson will be in the same boat!