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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

sickness :(

It seems since we have been home everyone has been sick :(
Besides being tired from the trip there seems to be a nasty cold going around :(
Victoria and Dan have had a hard time getting rid of it. Luckily Ms V does not mind the nose spray which seems to help alot. And as all you wives know there is nothing worse than a sick husband :) You would think they were dying :)
Ms V has not been liking daycare at all! The drive there is tough with the pleading of "don't leave me". The teacher says she is fine a couple minutes after we leave. I have been dropping Danny off first because his crying doesn't help her at all :(
Then to make things worse this past Monday the regular teacher was off so they had a sub helping out. When I got there at 11:50 to help finish up lunch the kids were all done, most were crying laying on their mats and I could hear the teacher telling Victoria is lay down and nap. As I walked in it was so pathetic. She was sitting up on a mat just sobbing, snot everywhere. There was a poor little girl all by herself at the table crying and the teacher was telling her she could not get up till she ate some food. So the noise level in the room was horrendous.
I told the teacher that Victoria does not sleep there and she was like "Really??"
I took Ms V right out the door. It took her over 30 minutes to calm down! I had to hold her hand the whole way home. I called Dan ahead of time to meet us in front of the house to give her lots of sympathy and tell her it was ok. She kept saying that she told the lady she not nap there and the lady would not listen.
When I brought Victoria in this am I made sure it was when her regular teacher was there and I told her what happened on Monday. Her teacher was furious and told me to report it right away. I told her I hadn't since I just wanted to get out of there on Monday. It took Ms V about 5 minutes before she would allow Ms Balery (Valerie) to hold her. Luckily they had a water bounce house brought in for the day so the kids were extra busy. I had to run home to get her suit and towel and when I got back she was happily playing and very excited about it.
I then left her and went to the front desk to let them know what happened on Monday. The lady was really nice, said all the right things and said she would talk to the Director and it would not happen again.
We will see how Friday am goes :)
When I picked her up at 11:50 I sat at her table and helped her finish lunch and talked to her tablemates. They are all so darn cute. Ms Valerie had all the kids say goodbye and wave at us as we left and then her little friend Katy ran up and the two girls hugged :)
Danny has settled back into camp. Their pool is working so he is swimming everyday and this week and next he also has daily swimming lessons!!
Hopefully Dan will start to feel better soon, the pity party is running out :) :)

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Don and Be said...

Sorry, y'all - get better ....