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Sunday, June 28, 2009

mish mash

Early morning cleanup crew :)

Victoria picked this dress for wear red to school day :)

We had this come to call, we had 4 rooms and the stairs done. The orange smell was awesome! We will NOT have carpet again :(

Yes, I AM a pricess :)

I let her wear this to daycare, no crying at dropoff :) :)
The other little kids were awed by it and her teacher said she kept twirling around, holding her skirt out :)

We had a birthday party to go to today and it was at an aquatic park.
Danny was the first one on this big slide!! He even went on it all by himself!!

Sweeeeetttt watermelon (seeds and all)

Both kids had a ball in the water, they swam and played for hours.

the birthday boy really enjoyed his cake :)

Pinata fun!

Can we eat it yet?

Both kids were sound asleep by 8:00!!! They were exhausted :) :)

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