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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Bells are Chiming for thee :)

This short video is taken on Oak Bluffs at the Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association Tabernacle:
I guess the kids have never heard church bells :)
Another quick funny from vacation: While walking along the shore Danny, Victoria and I were looking for shells while the other were looking for quohogs. All of a sudden Danny screamed, dropped something and ran! I ran to him and it turns out he had picked up a hermit crab!! Victoria had no problem picking them up and we collected many. Danny was afraid to pick up any shells after that :)

I saw my Dr today for my post surgery follow up and he is very happy with my hip progress. My bandage is off and I have a HUGE bruise and am still swollen. I get the stitches taken out next week when I see him again. He sent me off for a CT to find out why I am having breathing troubles still. After many hours we finally got home (6 hours after we left) to a voicemail that I have Pleural Effusion. The nurse said to let my primary know so she can follow up and if I have any worsening of symptoms over the weekend to go to the ER. No problemo :) So I am really tired as it is hard for me to really sleep comfortably.
Last night was open house at school! Danny starts Monday and Victoria starts Wednesday :) Danny is already acting out with the changes so should be a long weekend and a tough next week. He is a bit afraid of Ms Jeanine, his teacher :)

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