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Monday, August 10, 2009

Just back and surgery tomorrow

Just posting a quick update.
We left last Wednesday to go up on a quick visit and met up with my dad and his wife and spent till Sunday sailing around Martha's Vineyard! We had a GREAT time and I took 260 pictures!! Here are just a few pics:

Victoria checking out the boat and getting her boat feet.

Watching the clouds go by with Grampy

fishing off the boat - so cute

Swimming with Grammy

Collecting crabs - so much fun!

Having lots of fun in the dinghy

Danny jumping in the water to Grampy and Dan

This is the ferry we saw going through Woods Hole, can you see the HORSE on the bow??

The family at Quisset Harbor

Having a fun time :)

The flight home at 10:00 pm last night :)

yes - that is an airsick bag :)

I had the steroid shot in my back today(after only 5 hours sleep) and have to be at the surgicenter tomorrow at 7:30 for my 9:30 hip scope. It is supposed to last about 2 hours and I should be able to head home around 1:00 pm.
I did way too much today and am now icing my back. I just HAD to clean the house, get ALL the laundry done, change the Beds and get clothes lined up for tomorrow, plus food all set :) :)
We are so hoping that this will clear up enough pain to allow me to wait 4-5 years for my total hip replacement.
I don't know when I will be able to update next, depends on what kind of pain meds I get :) :)

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