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Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day!! Fa La La La LA!!!!!

On our way to school!!!

Happy to be heading back to the classroom after walking the track!

After seeing Danny off to class Victoria went to meet with her new teacher and see her new classroom. She is very excited for Wednesday :)

What a great dad - not too many paint sparkles on toes :)

My dad and his wife sent these - aren't they beautiful!

Both kids thought the butterfly was real :)

My dr's office called today to check on me :) I am FINALLY getting some of these fluids off me! I thought I had lost a bunch of it and weighed myself yesterday am and found I was 20 pounds over my presurgery weight!! I wish I had weighed myself when I got home from surgery! By this am I am down 6 more pounds of fluid! I figure as I get rid of this excess fluid I will feel even better. I was able to sleep all night in bed last night :) I put some waterproof bandaids on and took my first shower in a week!! family is happy :)
My hip feels amazing, still a bit numb though. I am able to walk around the house without my crutches. The Doc just said to use them outside the house and not overdo it. My legs are a bit swollen tonight from doing too much.

Danny had a GREAT first day at school. Woo Hoo!! I can tell he is tired :)

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