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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Gerri is doing great! hope to go home tomorrow :)

Getting PT again, Ryan really made her work for it!
He showed me a bunch of exercises to start on.
Her leg is not as swollen and hard. I washed her hair and brushed her teeth first thing and she was very happy :)

Lost a baby molar! she is now missing 3 teeth on that side!

chillin out, clean hair, pigtails, feeling good!
The resident came in and said all looks good. Gerri's epidural will be turned off first thing in the am (around 5 am) then taken out around 7 am. They will start her on oral pain meds. PT will get her up on her feet. IF all goes well we will be discharged and on the road by lunch!
So not only did Gerri lose a tooth, do great with PT, we had poop!!! :) this is very big! :)
She was feeling much better :)
I am praying they are able to keep her pain under control and our trip home goes quickly!


babyarnie said...

Yay for your little trooper. She is growing up to be such a beautiful girl!

Sally-Girl! said...

She's such a good girl!!! Great job Gerri!