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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Surgery tomorrow!

Gerri and I have been in Philly since last Friday.
She was re-casted Friday and Monday in preparation for surgery tomorrow.
she will get her hip hardware taken out and have muscle and scar tissue releases done on her hip and knee.
We are hoping to get back the ROM lost with her hip surgery and fixator.
We have had SO much fun while here :)
We did Disney on Ice, RMH had their 5th birthday.
We had the fastest recast appt ever! (30 minutes!)

We got to meet Alexandra :)

got to do lots of coloring

visited with the Rieben clan!

the kids got to make cupcakes for Josh's birthday :)

Sophie and Evan said good bye! 

Gerri and her BFF Sophie having fun
Coloring again :)

Lots of hugs!!

I finally told Gerri Monday that we were staying all week because she was having surgery. She thought about it and didn't ask again. then today it hit her and she woke up with a tummy ache. We went with Sophie to have her fixator removed and it helped her focus on Sophie today. Every once in a while she would get really quiet and I would find something else for her to do. We talked about how cool it was that Sophie was having her metal taken out today and Gerri is having her metal taken out tomorrow, so for the first time in 3 years Gerri will have no metal in her body!!
Pray tomorrow goes as planned! with muscle and scar tissue releases she will be on an epidural and a continuous motion machine. We hope to be discharged Sat or Sun and on our way home!
will update tomorrow :) 


Sally-Girl! said...

Sounds just like what we will be doing next month! Can't wait for an update!!! Wish we were there when you were!

Lighting Our Steps said...

We will be praying for your sweet girl! Please tell her she has the most beautiful smile:)