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Friday, January 11, 2013

Gerri is doing great!!

Thursday am at 7:30 we were at the Shriners for surgery
Waiting to be taken down to Surgery - doing my XtraMath homework :)

time to go yet?!?!?!

Versed is on board :) waiting to go back to the OR
 Surgery was 3 hours long and dr vB says she did great! He took her hip hardware out! did lots of scar tissue and releases and a tenotomy. She had scar tissue all along her left hip/thigh/knee from surgeries and the fixator and he released it all. Her left leg is swollen and about twice the size of her right leg :(
First view of her in the PICU, smiling :)

she is so happy she has a short leg cast!

this is SO amazing! 90 degree bend in the knee and hip!!!!
 She slept most of Thursday on and off and the epidural kept the pain away :)
Friday am and still smiling :)

then PT came in! she was SO scared of being touched :(
they could not get her to bend more than 70 degrees in the am, by afternoon they were able to get it to 80 degrees
chillin out after eating dinner and talking to her dad and siblings
dr vB is leaving the epidural in for a few days so we can keep her moving without any pain. The only thing she has complained about is the tenotomy (snipping of her achilles tendon) and the dr said that would probably be the worst part. I think the epidural will stay in till tomorrow afternoon or so, then get pulled so the nurses have time to see if they can manage her pain with oral meds so we can be discharged on Sunday!
she is currently on the CPM machine 24/7, we do NOT want to lose any of her range of motion. Will find out more tomorrow am when the dr comes in. I think she is bored :)
thanks for all the prayers, she has done amazingly!!

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patty said...

I'm so glad to see that Gerri is doing well. Praying for a quick recovery for her.