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Monday, April 8, 2013

Kindergarten Museum :)

 a ritual at the elementary school, Kindergarten art museum :)
The kindergartner's all have stations they sit at, their art is hung up all over the place, you have to wander around and try to find all their pictures, and ask questions of the "guards"
circle with face is her picture

victoria's leaf :)

she was the guard at the junk art table!!
she said this was her favorite piece

her butterfly!

getting too big!!! :)

 we have been so busy!
the weather is finally starting to warm up :)

we just had Gerri's redo xray and her stress fracture is still not quite healed :(
so she continues with the KAFO on full time. hopefully in a week or so she will be free to wear her AFO and start bending her knee again. I think after 4-6 weeks with her knee locked straight we are going to lose all the range of motion we gained from the surgery :( so darn frustrating!
hubby is very slowly getting better, he is SO over being tired and cold all the time. This has really knocked him down. I pray he feels much more himself soon!
Next week is school vacation and we are going away !! first family vacation in 2 years! can not wait! :)

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