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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


We celebrated the night before vacation with my birthday dinner,  Luckily Harry was willing to entertain the girls!

So happy to be at the airport at 6 am :)

over all this waiting to get on our plane!
 we had a great flight, it was direct to Jamaica. We all watched rise of the guardians, then the ipods came out and then it was time to land!
passport control was long as 7 planes landed at the same time.
but Auntie and cousins were waiting in the lobby for us!
we ate a quick lunch, went to our room, put our suits on and walked out to the beach!!
Nicole and Danny making a creation

Gerri taking a break while Danny lugs the water
 We spent a couple of hours at the beach and then hit the water park to check it out. I did do the slide a couple of times, but it is quite a hike up the steps!! I carried Gerri up once so she could do it. the kids loved the slides!! I however was exhausted! :)
Victoria coming out of the slide, each time she did it different.

Gerri loved the lazy river, she is so small that the current would take her all over and it was too strong for her to swim against. the one time she did the slide the current took her around in circles and the lifeguard had to jump in  (and get wet!) to get her out of it. so she decided the tube was a better way to go!

danny decided the tube was cool too and went around the lazy river while victoria went up and down the slide!
 We had a real scare when the water turned off the slides and both danny and victoria were on it. We noticed it got quiet in the water park once the water was turned off, the next thing we noticed is victoria standing up in the slide to yell to us. OMG I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest! I yelled for her to sit down, all the adults around us jumped up, I jumped in the water while they both scooted on their bottoms the whole rest of the way. by the time they hit the pool both were terrified, all the people were standing around staring at them and I was hyperventilating. Dan had a "talk" with the lifeguard on duty, who said "No problem man".  So Dan had a talk with the manager at the front desk to let them know what happened and that the door to the top of the slide should be closed once the water is turned off, which it turns out is a timer.

Luckily we had a beach party for dinner to get everyone's minds off the slides :)

lots of good food, lots of people and a steel drum band!

very tired kids watching hotel transylvania on my ipad after dinner

 We all slept from 8 pm last night till 6 am this am :)

here is our room, with all the towels! right on the beach!

here is our view while drinking coffee this am

not too shabby :)

the kids were thrilled to go swimming and play in the sand at 7 am :)
they even found a starfish, which we promptly threw back in the sea!

ah, yes, vacation!! :)

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