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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Vacation day 5

the kids all waiting on food!

Auntie and her kids :)
 Friday am we had to say good bye to Auntie and cousins, the kids were very sad :(

The posse bringing cold drinks

this is the life! pina colada  in hand sitting at the beach doing nothing!

watching the rain!

Pools are closed so the kids got dressed for Club Mongoose - they had a ball!!

They had their faces painted!

watched some volleyball

Played some volleyball!
all dressed up and waiting to go to dinner, but international buffet tonight.
we had chinese, italian, jamaican and american food :)

kids loved watching this sand crab :)

snuck a picture of a bride - have seen at least one per day :)

the kids were very happy to go to the Club for pj night :)
dan and I sat and watched the local entertainment :)

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