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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Apples, Goof, oh my!

This feels so good on my gums!

Mommy, this apple is yummy!!

What a goofball! :)

"Walking" the chair across the room in my cute skort!

Tooth #7 has broken through - top to the right of the front teeth, and tooth #8 is very close - bottom to the left of the front teeth!!

Yah! Amazing Race starts tonight!! finally something good to watch! :)


Our Family of 5 said...

Yay on the teeth! Love her little skirt!

Lou said...

Man! I had ALOT of catching up to do..... Did the apple make Victoria's gums feel better??/ AP is MISERABLE cutting her first molars!!! Talk about a nightmare...... Danny is adorable as always, and Victoria gets cuter everytime I see her!!!!

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Maya loves to chew on apples. I don't know when she will ever get teeth. She is 15 months old and only has 3. They are both so goofy but so adorable.

Donna said...

Ava loves the apple thing too! She is cutting a top tooth. Victoria looks so cute walking with the chair. Ava was a flower too for a halloween party.