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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Some Cool Weather :)

Victoria was able to wear this adorable turtle neck and poncho set that she got from Grammy!! The weather has been low 70's and sunny. We love this time of year, we have all the windows and doors open and we get a great cross breeze.
We spent Saturday at the Ft. Myers boat show, we love to look at the big boats and all the knicknacks. Of course the sausage, onion and pepper sandwich and cold beer is a big draw too!!

Victoria has her 8th tooth out! I don't know how much time we get before she starts getting more?? Are we free till her 2 yr molars?? (please...)
She slept through the night finally again, but of course Danny woke me up with his feet hurting at midnight, think it is growing pains :(
She is wanting to hold on and walk with anything she can.
My mom has officially sold her townhouse, the contingencies have been removed and she will close the end of the month. Victoria and I will head up to Jax to help her move and then Dan and Danny will join us for the weekend before we come home again. It will give us a chance to look at more areas around Jax. At least we will have someplace to stay for free when the time comes and our house sells.
We buried a St. Joseph statue in our yard and said a prayer to him to help us sell our house. Things has started to pick up around this area so we are hopeful for this winter!! (we have also lowered our asking price by ALOT)
Victoria is really coming out of her shell, she is not as afraid of other people (as long as mommy or daddy is nearby)and will crawl around at the playground, smile at other people and even let them hold her if we are near.
Everyone comments about her hair and her big brown eyes.
I had a waitress ask us the other night where she got her hair from and without even blinking or thinking I said Dan of course! she took a long look at Dan (and his receding hair line) smiled and just walked away :) :0 :) lol


Alleen said...

she's adorable in the poncho!!!!

Alleen said...

too funny... just as I was leaving my comment above, I saw yours on my blog show up in my email. Great minds think alike :-)

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Great answer to the hair question!!! Too funny!!!

I love the poncho outfit. Maya will finally get to wear hers on Sunday.

Our Family of 5 said...

Love Her in her little Poncho~!

MEB said...

70 degrees is cool -- very funny ;-)
We hope to reach 50 today. DEFINITELY doing the layered look.

Diana said...

70 degrees and cool??? Honey, we've already built snowmen!! Love the outfit, though! I also LOVE the quip about Victoria getting her hair from Dan. Too cute!