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Monday, November 19, 2007

Very Busy Weekend!

Friday night - Fall Fest at Danny's school
Free admission put on by the PTO, lots of fun games and food. Adults and kids singing and dancing too! Nothing better than hot chili and hot dogs on a cold night!

Little missy all bundled up - it was COLD! This is her funny face that she makes all the time, usually accompanied by snorting :)

Gotta get the face painted!

Danny going down the slide!

Saturday - Aviation Day at Page Field, sponsored by Lee County Port Authority. Free admission and lots of planes, helicopters and experimental craft. We ate cheese burgers and danny and nana had corndogs! It warmed up to the 70's :)

checking out the planes!

Beautiful boy in the bounce house!

Jay Jay singing and dancing!

Absolutely fascinated by Jay Jay!

Sunday - Taste of Bonita! great event run by the rotary club, over 20 restaurants with food to sample! Free admission and lots of people. We ate chicken fingers, mini burgers and cold beer!

Band playing great music while we munched and drank!

Danny riding in the train, but not very happy about it once he realized it went around the whole park and we did not go with him :(

Victoria playing with her shoes - who needs them on their feet, they work really good at pushing the dirt around :)

Nana tries to do the crossword puzzle with many interruptions :)
Both kids were great all weekend, but by sunday afternoon Danny just melted down. Too much stimulation piled up on him and he was completely out of control. He finally calmed down at dinner time, after many time outs :(


Diana said...

Looks like a FUN weekend! Gotta love it when cool stuff is free, too :-) We, too get meltdowns when our kids are overstimulated, too.

Our Family of 5 said...

What a great school function!!

Natalie C. said...

looks like fun

Ginger--Maya's mommy said...

Looks like so much fun!! Love the new haircut.