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Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a great weekend!!

Thursday - Turkey Day!!
We had a great day with lots of relaxing and cooking and eating!! We had lots to be thankful for - not only did we have Victoria home, but my mom and dad were both with us for chow!! I so love the smell of turkey baking for hours!! :)

Danny "helping" Grampy with the turkey :)

Victoria snacking while we get the turkey ready!

A Victoria kissing sandwich!

The most amazing Ukrainian dessert made by Julia!! It was scrumtious!!

Victoria playing with Sasha! They got along so well, Sasha almost got her to sleep!

Friday was a kick back and relax kind of day! We swam, ate and headed out to Fort Myers Beach to have a drink and watch the sunset! We then headed out to dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at the mall - great time!!

Good Morning my Grampy :) (Poor baby is teething again! I was up from 3:30 to 5)

This adorable blue sweater was hand made by a friend of my dad's who had heard about our journey. Beautiful!!

Danny riding the wave!

Our two chillens!! Having a ball at the beach!

Victoria eating a pretzel with a little bit of sand and shells :)

Saturday was boat day! We spent the day on the river - so much fun :)

Victoria helping Grampy steer!

Boating can be very tiring! The others had all gone for a little dinghy ride to check out the lock and talk to the lock master.

Grammy entertaining Danny while Grampy make a thimble for us on our boat lines :)

Family photo on our boat anchored by the Franklin lock in the Caloosahatchee River.

Victoria playing with Grampy's hat :)

I love this picture of my dad with the kids! They were watching Frosty! ssshhh, don't tell my dad that it is connected to christmas :)

It is very fitting that we spent Thanksgiving with my dad and step-mom as they were with us one year ago on our first visit trip to Guatemala and we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Radisson! I can not believe it has been a whole year that Victoria has been in our lives :)
Nana leaves tomorrow to move to Jacksonville and Victoria and I are going with her to help her get settled in. Dan and Danny will join us later this week and we will drive home next weekend. I hope the weather is really nice :)
Poor Danny was very sad tonight, Grampy and Grammy went home and Nana is leaving :( He was sound asleep at 7:30!


Muriel and Jerry said...

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving. We do have a lot to be thankful for especially with our two little precious girls.

Diana said...

How would it be to have Thanksgiving at the beach?? Here in the desert we were lucky to hit a whopping 34 degrees Farenheight for the daytime High!! Looks like you all had a delightful weekend! Love the family photo with Victoria's tongue sticking out. Too cute! Wish I could have found a dessert that tasty in Ukraine!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Glad you guys had a great Turkey Day!!!


Sally- That Girl! said...

Dessert looked yummy!!! Great photos that represent a great time by all! We were supposed to be in Guatemala Thanksgiving week last year as well. Then we decided it was best not to confuse Marissa! Hard to beleive that was a year ago already!

Meryl said...

Ok.. I'm guilty long time no speak. She is BEAUTIFUL. I think of you all the time. All is well up here in NJ. Are you ever going to make it up here in the boat? Hope to catch up live one of these days.

Love to all
Meryl (remember me???)

Anais said...

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