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Friday, January 18, 2008

Favorite Foto Friday!

FFF twofer!

The kids playing in the grass together, beautiful out :)

This is my "Auntie Lorraine", one of my mom's best friends from long ago.
They drove down from northern Fl to visit for the weekend!!
Danny was beside himself waiting for them to show up :)

Today was the day that Victoria decided walking was much better than crawling!! She now cruises around the whole house as much as possible. It is so strange to be doing something in the kitchen and see her walking around the corner :) :)
She can stop pick something up and keep going. She even tried to run away from me!

Danny had his first testing session yesterday with the Psychologist and it went really well. He goes back Monday to finish up. The Psychologist thinks he will not test as high as he should because of his expressive speech issues. She says when he gets overwhelmed he shuts down and does not pay attention. At one point she was explaining something to him and he told her to stop talking so much :)

I made the mistake of picking little missy up off the floor and swinging her overhead today... As soon as I did it I knew I threw my back out :(
Luckily Dan and Danny did the vacuuming :)
Victoria kept wanting me to pick her up and I just can't. I am alternating heat and cold and wearing a back brace. ARGH!

We want to wish my baby niece a happy birthday today!! OMG she is 17!!!!!!


Diana said...

Love all the cute photos! How would it be to be wearing shorts in January??? :-)

Our Family of 5 said...

Love the pics! Send me some of that sunshine. It's cold and windy in Ohio.