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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Teething again? does it ever end :(

Poor little missy is teething again! Sleep has been tough the last two nights :(
She has two molars coming in on the bottom, one has 3 points out of 4 out and the other side has 2 points out of 4. Her poor gums are so swollen I had to break out the Orajel as the teething tablets just weren't enough.
But the flip side is that is easier for her to eat and chew already!! :)
Her two canine pointy teeth never came all the way out, they are just hanging right at the gumline.
In other good news :) Danny's genetic testing all came back ok! phew!!
He has his MRI in two weeks and we get the results of his psych testing next week. Once all this is done we will meet again with the neurologist to see where we go from there.
His bus schedule changed to pick up at 6:20 am as they have a new kid riding, so after complaining to the bus people to no avail we will be dropping him off at school ourselves at 8:00 am. He really likes riding the bus so we will have him take it home still. The good thing is it will keep Victoria from being awakened by the noisy guys and the alarm at 6.
I tried to post pics of our trip to the zoo this weekend, but blogger is being a booger :)


Diana said...

Oh, the days. Teething stinks! Does it ever end? about 2 years. :-) Glad to hear the tests all came beck fine.

Katie said...

Poor baby ... teething is hard !!

Doripink said...

Hey! What's your email address.
email me at

Natalie C. said...

You've been tagged!

KiT said...

We just had another pop through. Now little one has 6 teeth. Just 6!! And I am dreading those molars. Hope everyone is feeling better.