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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Poor little baby

Had to take Danny to the Dr, poor thing has Strep! He started not feeling well yesterday, slight temp and horrible cough.
How does that happen when he hasn't been to school since last Wednesday??
We had to keep him out of school today and he was not happy about it.
He had the 2nd half of his psych testing yesterday and she said it went well. We meet again in two weeks to go over the results and then will meet with the ped neurologist to decide what we do next. Once we do that we meet with his IEP group to let them know what our testing has shown and see what they will do about it.
PS - Doesn't everyone take their rider mower down the street for a ride??? :) :)


Mom To Six said...

Awww, all 3 of these guys went thru the strep phase.

Now, thankfully, everyone is on the mend. Hope he feels better soon.

KiT said...

Poor Danny. Hope he is feeling better. And hurray that the testing is done. Hopefully the IEP team can put a good plan together.