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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Boat Adventure part II

The massive travel lift lining up to pull us out of the water:

Danny thought it looked like a spider!

Friday afternoon the boat yard pulled us out of the water:

There is nothing spookier than watching your boat being carried by the travel lift and moving across the ground!

The peanut gallery watching:

This is what we call excitement!!

This would be the reason we had so many problems with steerage and forward movement:

This growth is from only a couple of months!
The entire bottom of the boat was just covered in barnacles.

A couple of yard guys going to town cleaning the bottom:

The smell from the dying barnacles was bad :(

Some of the damage done to the boat during the hurricane last fall when several other boats broke loose and one got hung up on our bow and did some damage:

The kids celebrated with lollys (lollipops)

We don't know how long it will be on land, the bottom has to be completely cleaned and painted and the fiberglass repaired. But the good thing is the boat is only 5 minutes from our house. Dan has already been over there every day :)


Diana said...

Those are some serious barnicals!

Wow! You Floridians DO own jackets! That's almost as enlightening as the baracles :0)

Happy repairs!

Jane said...

Ahhh...I've been away too long. But sure enjoy reading about the Adventures of the Thornells. Your life could be a great movie, ya know!

And NO we haven't given up on taking the train up to see you guys one of these days... weeks... months... well, definitely in 2009


Miss you all,


The Michauds