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Monday, February 16, 2009

Having a ball!!

The kids playing around at the hotel the night before we left on vacation! They were so excited about vacation and seeing their cousins that they could not sleep!

The plane trip to Aruba went very quickly!

Every where you look there are iguana's!!

Victoria changed her clothes right at the table while I was getting my laptop set up for internet. Danny saw her getting ready and did the same :) I told Dan that is what happens when you go the bar for drinks :)

While waiting for everyone else to arrive at the resort the kids jumped into the pool

A little bit of sand where the sun doesn't shine :)

Having so much fun down at the beach

She spent 2 hours in the pool and it was not really warm, her lips were blue. When we finally got her to get out she snuggled with Grampy and would not let go.

Victoria spent her entire nap yesterday in Grampy's arms!!

I LOVE this picture of my niece and her daddy! what love :)

Danny hanging with his favorite Uncle and cousin!

Chillin out with my cousing Katie!

two bats hanging around in the utility closet

Last night after dinner we all sat around the beach and listened to jazz music. Victoria fell asleep in Grampy's arms :)

At 6:30 this am Danny & I went up by the pool to watch Grampy, Uncle Adam and Uncle Mike swim laps in the pool. While they exercised we had coffee and hot chocolate :)

Danny loving some chocolate ice cream!!

Giving Grammy some loving :)

Hooray! bring on the food!

All of us at dinner tonight at the Red Parrot!

Our Beautiful niece Nicole!

Daddy dancing by the beach with his little girl :)


Natalie C. said...

isn't it nice to be able to get out in our pools in february :)

Don and Be said...

Too much fun!!! Come on, guys ..... adopt ME ...... pleeeeaaase adopt me ......

Sally- That Girl! said...

Looks like Grampy's arms were made for Victoria to fall asleep in!!!!

What a great time you guys are having together as a family! Love the crystal clear water!!!