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Friday, February 6, 2009

Danny pix

Danny had his new digital kid camera out to take pictures. He is practicing for our yearly family vacation. We leave in a week and he is very excited. Victoria is too, but she doesn't really remember last year. All she talks about is going on the plane, putting on her seatbelt and seeing her cousins.
Danny has done this 4 years in a row now and is so excited about it. Right after we get home it will the 5th anniversary of the day Danny joined our family!!

Here are a few of Danny's pics:

Dad and Victoria

Yuck, pic of me. (his low angle is not flattering)

I took this picture of the photographer :)

Yup, this would be his pizza crust :)

This is a picture of the moon during the ride to dinner

This picture of the moon is over our house

Victoria funny:
the other day daddy gave Victoria a lollypop in the morning while I was doing the Danny speech/school run. When I got home that is all she talked about. Ever since, she has asked for lollys at every chance. If you ask her what she wants for breakfast, her answer is "lolly". If you ask her what she wants for snack, her answer is "lolly". You get the idea. So mommy has to be the bad guy and tell her she can't have one.
Yesterday we did our usual what would you like for breakfast? and her answer was "lolly". I told her that it was too early for a lolly and she had to have something else more appropriate. She thought about it for a second and said "I need a lolly for Granpy" So I asked her if we should pack one for him and she said "no, I hold it for granpy"
yah right, cause I was born yesterday!
points for being very creative though :) :)

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