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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Having a ball-part 2!!

Danny doing homework to start the day yesterday!

Victoria and Nicole coloring after breakfast while we waited for the rain to stop

Victoria playing in the sand during the rain storm, it rained most of the day Tuesday

The kids found the outside shower and washed the sand off their feet and legs, and their pants and tops :)

Uncle Mike practicing on their patio while we keep ourselves occupied!

Victoria slept on me for nap today! We were sitting at lunch and she told me she was tired. Luckily I can eat with one hand and had my ipod :)

Once we showered for dinner, the kids watched Dora on my computer

A family portrait while we wait to head to the Ginger restaurant, an asian influence meal!!

Unfortunately, our reservation was not till 8:00 so we were really hungry and tired :( We had 3 different servers and it took a long time!
Hey Cool! we have sticks to eat with!

Victoria just couldn't make it through dinner and fell asleep on the first person done with dinner, Grampy!
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This am we headed out for a Jeep Safari tour all over Aruba!
Here is one of the Jeeps we had! It rained for a bit on and off. It is so amazingly windy here :)
We had 3 of them and each of us girls got to be the drivers!! The guide was in the lead in a pickup, I followed, then Carla, Then Denise. We drove over crazy trails for hours!!

Really cool cave drawings

Big pile of natural rocks

The entrance to the caves

Group shot inside the cave :)

Everyone climbing out of the cave

Dan holding a sleeping Victoria in our jeep

Natural Arch

I am on top of the world!

A very simple roadside cemetary

Dan and Victoria walking to check out Baby Beach, our last stop on the tour:

Grampy sharing his ice cream while we wait for the others to snorkel and swim.

Victoria started swimming!! She was all over the pool, everyone loved to watch her float! I have a video I will post once we have time!

Dan and Mike talking to the large iguana!

tomorrow we head out to an Island that has great snorkeling and a water park!


The Michauds said...

Looks like you are having a GREAT time! Thanks for the pictures. And Miss Nancy, I have one word of advise for you: SUNSCREEN!!! = )

Enjoy and be safe,



Alleen said...

Can I just say how jealous I am?????????? We've been to Bonaire and Curacao, but not Aruba. Love it down there!!!! But, I think a hardcore dive trip like we did in Bonaire isn't in our future for quite some time.