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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Big Day!!!!

Today we got our immigration approval!!! It took less than a month, only a week after fingerprints!
This is our christmas miracle!
It has been sent out for a state stamp and then it will be off to Eastern Europe with the rest of our dossier.
We had hoped to have it over there before Geri's birthday the end of this month and thought it was just a pipedream.
To think we only committed to adopt on 11/11 and here we are with a complete dossier already!!
Absolutely amazing :)

God has really shown us the way in spades!!

We are planning on having Geri's birthday party. The kids are very excited about making a cake for her. We will take pictures and video and then show her later!!

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Jodi said...

I wish she knew what she had to look forward to. How blessed she will be, and you too.