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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Finally feeling better :)

A little bribery goes a long way! That is a piece of kit kat in front of her :)

Keeping a hand on it so as soon as I tell her she is done she can eat it :)

Manning the controls, making sure ms v doesn't sneak a bite :)

It has been a family affair taking care of Ms V's respiratory infection.
We saw the pediatrician and she is very happy with how her lungs sound. We are down to twice a day treatments, then 2 days at once per day then done!

On the adoption front, we got our fingerprint letters from immigration in the mail today! The best part is that they don't make specific appts, they just say come on down during business hours. SO as soon as Ms V was up from nap we made a quick run up to the immigration office (20 minute ride) and were in and out in 20 minutes!! Absolutely amazing! Hopefully we will have our approval in a couple of weeks.
This is the last piece of paper we need for our dossier then it goes overseas!!!  Woo HOO!

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