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Monday, December 21, 2009

Catch Up!!

Last week the kids were off school Tuesday and Wednesday. Their school program was Tuesday night and I guess they needed another day to recuperate :)
On Wednesday we had a sprinkler guy out to add some more piping and heads in the back 40 as we call it. We had it cleared after we bought the house and grass just does not grow well without being watered :(
The pump guy did the original work on the house too. He also upgraded one of our well pumps so we can have enough pressure to run all these sprinklers. Dan and Danny kept the guy company the whole time! Danny was just fascinated by the whole process. Dan said he was very well behaved :)

Here is how I found Ms V. She told me she was getting herself something to eat :)
Man, 3 is so much harder than 2! I do it myself!!!!

She had NO interest in watching the sprinkler guy.

Thursday was a school day for Danny. They got to play outside all day doing reindeer games.
After lunch 2 other mom's and I had a holiday party.
We read christmas books,
decorated holiday goodie bags,

Decorated a book mark

Then the best part was decorating and eating christmas cookies!

I did a little nesting in preparation for our new little one. While Ms V napped downstairs I rearranged her bedroom to make it the "Girls Room". Both kids were so excited!!

Including Maggie (the dog) :)
Ms Gerri already has her first pillow and blanket.

I found this one night when I went to check on the kids at bedtime:

I guess she decided the bed looked too good to not be slept on :)
When I asked her the next morning why she was sleeping in Gerri's bed she told me that she wanted to!

Nana came over on Sunday for a farewell dinner before she headed up north for christmas.
She likes to do the messy stuff, so the kids made and decorated cookies:

If a little sprinkles go a little way, lots of sprinkles go a LONG way!

So pooped out from my long day I can't even eat my lasagna :)

I got her up after about 30 minutes and we took a tubby and got pj's on.
Then Nana brought out the presents

Then the lovin'

Then the obligatory book reading

The kids keep mentioning how much they miss her :(
I hope she enjoys the COLD :)

The kids are out of school for two weeks so Danny has art camp for two days this week and two days next week. He really enjoys it and they do some really cool stuff.
I will take some pics of his crafts and post them.

Our dossier has arrived overseas and is hopefully being translated!


Diana said...

Can't wait to hear that your dossier has been submitted and accepted and that you have an invitation to finally bring Gerri home!

Too funny on the bed thing! She'll probably sleep in it several more times and claim it as hers before her new sissy comes home. Turf wars here we come!

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Jodi said...

Loved seeing Geri's room. I am so excited for her! Time will fly for you and she will soon be sitting in your cozy home in front of the fire(that you don't need in FL!) and Nana will be reading to all 3. Sweet thoughts :)


Jodi said...

That plate is SO PRETTY. I love the colors and design.
Makes the foam plates we eat off of look really bad! ha ha