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Friday, December 4, 2009

Special school day!

Today the kids from first grade and up got to go trim a tree at a National Guard Armory.
On the big screen was the national guard division that is currently at Guatanamo Bay in Cuba. The kids were just fascinated by it.

The kids all got up and sang Christmas carols to the Guardsmen.

The kids each got to decorate the tree with a soldier

Danny putting his ornaments and name stars on the tree. For every wrapped gift we donated to the toy drive we got a star. So Danny and Victoria each had 2 stars. Danny got to put both on the tree :)

One of the little girls in Danny's class putting the angel on the top.

The tree is lit to applause!

The school director and her husband dedicating the tree.

Dan went with Danny and his class and they both had a great time. Dan was really impressed by the show that both the kids and the guardsmen put on. Once the tree was decorated the wrapped presents were put under the tree for the kids of the guardsmen. It was a really cool day :)

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