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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

another Philly trip!

Thursday pm we headed down to Philly :)
Friday am cast off!! :) Purple cast on!

We passed this on our way to RMH in Camden :)

Dr vB is working her knee as well as her foot! :)

Friday afternoon had time to kill so we went to the Camden aquarium!

touching a shark!

the view from Camden over the river to Philly! :)

cute penguins

have to pet a ray!

the hippos are always the highlight!

"touching" sharks!
 Then we headed back to rmh as she was tired.
We had a group come in to do crafts Saturday am :)
started with a scavenger hunt and then prizes!

then it was time to color halloween mugs

Gerri showing Ms Lesley how to make a bracelet with your fingers :)
Ivan had fun too!

everyone getting into the bracelet making business :)

relaxing with Brayden :)

chillin out with Ivan's ds :)
 Sunday night we had new volunteers :)
helping stir the batter for cupcakes!

time for arts and crafts!

who me? I am not eating a chocolate cupcake?!?! 
Monday morning back to Shriners for a cast change!
after only 3 casts!

almost flat! :)

camo for daddy!!
before her first cast her knee had lost much of its rom and we were at 30 degrees. this is cats #4 and we are at 45 degrees!

cast #4
We left right after casting, with some pain medicine on board and made it home in 6 hours!!
We love our philly families, love getting to meet new people. I think it is very important for Gerri to see kids "like" her, with arthrogryposis, with scars, with casts, with walkers etc.
She is doing so well, this 4th case was a bit more uncomfortable, but she was back to school on Tuesday and happy!
We leave again thursday afternoon for casting on Friday am, stay all weekend again for casting monday.
We hope to only have 2 weekends left, but you just never know!!

The hardest part is being torn between home and philly, there just is not enough time to get everything done :(
and being stuck in philly while your baby is sick at home just stinks:(
I am sure by next week I will be totally worn down, but hopefully we will be near the end.
big picture!! :)

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