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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Back in Philly!

Knowing we would be heading back to Philly for some casting, we took the girls out for some fun:

we just love the home depot kids crafts!

need more paint!

they were SO intent! :)
 Victoria and Danny stayed home with dad while Gerri and I headed to Philly. Since we have to travel a distance to see Dr vB we do serial casting differently, we do casts on Friday, Monday, Friday, Monday etc. So we end up staying in Philly over the weekend. Unfortunately Gerri has to miss school two days a week while we do this.
Gerri was not too worried about the cast going on, it is the cast coming off that she dreads. she has been cut a few times and after a few casts her leg and foot get very sensitive. Each cast gets harder :( Her first cast was not bad since she knew she only had to have it put on :)
chillin out listening to her tunes
(you can see how much her left foot has relapsed with her growth spurt this summer)
 one of the best things about going to Philly is meeting other AMC friends! :)
we love you Monroe!!! :)
 totally by accident there was a Ukrainian Festival in the next town over. Since we had time to kill we figured why not head over! :)
in front of the stage
(mobile - she was able to walk all around)

how cute is this?!?!
 Lots of items for sale!

 Gerri loved the dolls!

face paint!

 The show was amazing!!

The performers were incredible!
these little were in the daycare

very proud of her shirt!! :)
 I spoke some russian to the vendors and other folks, Gerri was totally clueless. She had to keep asking me how to say thank you . she really had no idea what anyone was saying at all :(
We had a great weekend, very quiet, kind of boring just us :)
watching a movie on my computer in the hotel room
 The closer to Monday we got the more nervous she got. Monday am she was up at 5 am tossing and turning. I decided she needed to relax before she got herself all worked up and gave her some pain medicine she gets before every cast.
playing with her new monster high doll :)
 I had her wear her new monster high head phones and play her music loud while having the cast off. I have no pictures since I had to hold her down to keep her from moving all over the place.  This process is hard, but luckily it was over quickly and no cuts. It took her a bit to calm down again.

waiting on xrays

this blue tape is something new dr vB is trying on the bigger kids. It goes along both sides under that plaster. so when the saw cuts through the cast it does not go through the thick tape. Can't wait to see if it makes a difference tomorrow when she has her cast taken off.
 so today we drove back to Philly, casting tomorrow (Friday) and Monday again. Dr already added on next weekend, but hopefully Monday he will be happy and next weekend will be it. I don't think so, but here's hoping!!
The good thing about the cast is that her foot is in a more normal position and held there. this is flattening her foot again and has taken away the pain she had when she was walking on the side of her foot. the cast also cushions the big callous she has on the side of her foot.
trying to decide what we will do this weekend, don't think there are any more festivals around :)

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Sally-Girl! said...

That festival looks amazing and so much fun for Gerri!!! I can't believe how tall she is getting and so beautiful!!! We really should be there too, but I am so DONE with traveling right now!!!