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Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Victoria had her first cavity - our dentist is awesome!

it took her a while to get used to having her lip numb:)
 we went out to dinner with Grampy and Grammy
Danny showed Grampy how to play checkers on his ipod

Gerri showed Grammy how to be a stylist

Victoria and Grampy in deep discussion
 Victoria has been staying up at night, I found this little reading corner one night :)

 Then it was time for school open houses!

then we have had lots of fun!! we had a sewer repair!
can't even say how excited the kids were to see this out our front door!

of course the pipes to be replaced were under the cobble stone :(

new pipe!

drilling the hole through the foundation
 Danny went off to play at the playground and the girls got to help!!

plumber came in and finished it off!

waiting for the soil to settle, will get asphault put on next week
and we had the cupcake truck come to work!!
(doesn't everyone :) )
School has been going great, everyone is settling in!
Danny has grown up over the summer, all his teachers are amazed at his growth.
We are looking forward to good things this year!!!

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