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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ms V's birthday! :)

she decided she wanted a monster high birthday
decorations everywhere

her new birthday clothes

she loved these life size pics :)

all ready for school 

all ready for her birthday dinner

she got her big girl opal earrings - just what she wanted!!

the cake I made! :) very happy how it came out!

tired birthday girl waiting for her cousins to come over for the family party!!

hanging around!

Harry the birthday boy :) very happy to play along!

the kids chilling while we waited for pizza

Harry opening his cards :)

ms V got a bunch of things, she loved this skirt!

so excited to get her dream lite!! (she is dressed in her halloween costume - Cleo DeNile)

another favorite gift!

then it was time for pumpkins!!

uncle mike did the hard stuff!

the boys had a great time!

what an awesome job!!

candle time!!
 we had a great time with everyone! it is SO nice to be back with family again!! :)
the kids slept late on Saturday!
Sunday was football time!!
Danny and Grampy chilling out!

the girls doing puzzles

she ate the last piece of her birthday cake! :)

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