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Friday, October 12, 2007

Danny the wise a * *

Yesterday we had to pick him up from school as Dan had a Dr's appt. Victoria missed her nap time and was a bear till she fell asleep. Most of the people at the eye dr's was over 60 and she was too busy entertaining to sleep. Once I got her to sleep she slept for an hour, even with all the commotion around her!
Danny was also entertaining all the grandparents, eating cookies and walnuts and happy as could be.
By 4:00 we were getting a little punch drunk, Victoria and Danny had the cushions off the couch and were playing, having a ball. Dan had finally seen the Dr and had to have 3 more tests done!
By 4:15 there was only one elderly lady left along with us. Danny decided she must be nice because I had talked to her a couple of times. Danny had a napkin and my pen and was drawing upon request. He was entertaining her for a while when he suddenly popped out with "you know, you have really bad breath!" Oh my gosh I just wanted to DIE!! I shushed him and told him he was not being very nice. The lady laughed and said he was just saying what he felt and it was probably true, but she had no sense of smell. I was so embarassed! We had him apologize and tried to explain to him that it was not polite to tell someone they had bad breath :(

We hit McD's on the way home so he could run around the play area after being so good for so long. He found another little girl that looked just a bit younger and they climbed and slid down the slide over and over. He was sweaty and stinky like only a boy can be. We finally had to leave to head home and he was exhausted.
We were all buckled in and heading home when the little wise a * * popped out with "I am so tired, I am OLD"
Dan & I both laughed the whole way home!


Kim said...

Oh my goodness - that's hilarious!!! What a sweet lady to not get upset!! :)

Natalie C. said...

i am laughing so hard!!!!!!