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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend away & Nana is back!!!

Our Jax NAS cottage home outside!

Our cottage home inside!

The Saint Johns River!

Nana playing solitaire - her favorite pasttime! (along with her Starbucks coffee)

Danny cleaning up! His favorite pasttime!

Dan feeding Victoria early in the am

The kids at the playground on base, Danny had a ball and Victoria found her first pine needles!

This past weekend we drove up to Jacksonville just to check out the area. We hope to move there once our house is sold. I was a little worried about the 5 hour ride each way more than anything else :) But the kids did great! The scary part was discovering the portable DVD didn't work on the way up :( and Victoria decided she really only needed a half hour nap! But snacks, toys and singing kept everyone at bay :)
We had a great time and the best part was Danny reuniting with Nana!! (who met us up there on her drive down to her winter home in Estero)
We did meet with a realtor to get an idea of what was in the area and we drove all around to see what some of the areas are like. Now we just need to sell!!
We were able to rent a cottage at Jacksonville Naval Air Station, which was great. It is a 2 bedroom cottage for only $60 per night and we were able to do a big shop at the Commissary before heading home. We just loved the sound of the jets flying overhead, the smell of jet fuel and the national anthem being played over the speakers at 8:00 am, right after reviellry :)
I tried to post on Friday but the Verizon signal was not great on base and it would take too long for pics to upload.


Kelly said...

oh man I HATE it when the dvd player doesnt work....UGHHHH! Looks like all turned out okay, though after all! And your little one is more than welcome to come over and CLEAN anytime!!! He'd have a LOT of fun at our house!

The McKenzie Crew said...

Sounds like a great trip!! HEY DANNY - can you come over and teach my kids about how fun cleaning can be;)