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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Missy!!

The masterpiece!

Why am I all dressed up?? and what are these things on my legs??

Ready to PARTEE!!!

Why are you singing???

She did really well till we started singing and then she cried!
I think it was the singing....

My brother "sharing" his halloween light up toy!

My bootee!!

Little missy had a great day!! Dinner was so much fun! Friends that we have not seens in months and years all came to wish her a happy day!
Thought a lot about her birth mom, I hope she knows how so very happy she is!
I hope she knows how loved Victoria is by all of us!
She is absolutely the light of all our lives!
We love you honey!!!


Natalie C. said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

"Mama`sita" (Sally) said...

Can't believe we started all this a year ago!!! Happy Birthday pretty little girl!!!!