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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Busy Busy!!

We had a great weekend - headed off to the boat to enjoy ourselves and get away from the house and the boxes!

Sunday AM - in Danny's room on the boat!

Sunrise over the Caloosahatchee River! We will so miss this!

Yesterday we got the go ahead from our realtor that the bank has approved the loan, so the appraisal was ok!!
The buyers are already working on insurance too!
I went and booked the moving truck, the moving helpers on both ends and booked our storage unit. Today I called to set up final readings on our utilities. Dan spent quite a bit of time cleaning out his workshop and boxing up lots of things. I cleaned out two closets and went through DVD's and VHS's. Hard to pack too much as we still have a month to go and have to live :)
We leave next Wednesday to bring the boat up to Jacksonville and we are so excited about about the trip across the Okechobee waterway. We have to go through several locks and hope to be up in Jax for mother's day. We have talked to several employees at the marina and they are just wonderful!
Dan spent this morning with the mechanic working on the engines and it turns out they need to be flushed with some chemical, they are really gunked up. The coolers are completely plugged!
Not to mention the fact that our holding tank is plugged and won't empty. You really don't want to know how we know that! :( Let's just say Danny was Thrilled! to be able to pee in a bucket all weekend :) aahhh boys ;)

The proof! He will kill me someday :)
So once we get back from Jax we have TWO WEEKS till we close!! YEOW!!


KiT said...

Yep, Danny is gonna LOVE it when you pull that pic out for his prom date! ;)

Alleen said...

LOVE that last one!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don and Be said...

Y'all are really coming down the home stretch - we've been out of the mix in Blogdom and are just catching up - hoping all goes smoothly with the move - thank you again for the goodies for Joanna - she'll be stylin'.