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Friday, April 18, 2008

Fav Foto Fri

They SO love each other!! :) :)

Victoria showing off her body!

Victoria bugging Ginger, right after I took this pic she sat on her!

We are out on the boat for spring break! The weather is cool, which makes for great sleeping time! Victoria loves the feel of the rocking boat and sleeps really well. As soon as Danny's head hits the pillow he is OUT!
The dogs go crazy barking at the dolphins as they swim and jump around the boat.
Victoria is really getting around the boat well, She does not like life jacket but is learning she can not leave the cockpit without it.

On house news - the home inspection is done with only one gig - a frozen GFI switch!! The buyers have preapproval and we are using our agents title company so they have already been in contact with their bank and all is looking ok! only 6 more weeks!!! We are looking at taking a week off mid May to bring the boat up to Jax and we are really excited about crossing the state via the Okechobee waterway. We couldn't cross on our way down years ago because it is not sailboat friendly.

I think spring break is designed for teachers! It certainly is not for the parents!! Danny really craves his routine and it is very hard for him to be out of it. Luckily it is already Friday!! :) :)


Natalie C. said...

I love the picture of them hugging...too cute!

Sally- That Girl! said...

Yes, spring break IS for teachers!!! Like only a teacher can say!!!