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Thursday, April 3, 2008

wow! 18 months old!!

Relaxing while watching teletubbies - her favorite show!

Just got back from the dr's little missy is 31 inches tall and weighs 23 1/2 pounds!!
The dr was very impressed that she has over 50 words, which includes english, spanish and signs. He is not worried about the bottle issue since she only gets milk in the morning, nap and bed times and otherwise it is water. We don't let her walk around with it and I try sippy cups every day, she will only sip a little bit and then just won't drink it. We have held back on her bottle but then she gets constipated. The dr said not to worry to just keep trying the cups and sooner or later she will just get it. She will drink out of a regular cup so we do use them a bit, but it is so messy!
Victoria cried the minute we walked back to the dr's office and cried every time someone came into the room. Luckily she only had one shot and she is now completely caught up on her shots! She does not go back till her 2 yr visit :)

Danny is so excited about his Star Wars sticker book that is just like his cousin Adam's!!

Danny is doing great in the older, riser pre-k class! He loves being with kids his own age. He is also doing great with his private speech class. We did school choice for the fall and Danny got his first choice!
Danny has school break in a week and a half and we are taking off on the boat to RELAX!!
Just got a call from our realtor - our house is being shown on Monday at 11:00 - please pray that this works out! The people coming to see it have been here and walked the property and are getting a babysitter so they can spend some time here! The best part is our realtor is showing it herself and she knows our house inside and out!!
Please pray that this works out, it would be just so awesome to be able to move once Danny is out of school and before he starts kindegarten in the fall!
We really miss Nana too!

I told Dan that once we had Danny squared away with school and speech that the house would sell and we would have to start over :)


Diana said...

praying, praying, praying!!! That's usually how things work, by the way...just when you think you've got things squared away, life throws you a curve ball and throws everything off-kilter again.

Natalie C. said...

Have you tried a straw cup? I am going to post pictures of what we used for Caleb this weekend, maybe that will help.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Sounds like lots of exciting stuff happening around your place. I like what Diana had to say about getting another curve ball, but hey at least it is a new one!!! Hope the house sells, know that has been hanging out for a long time!

KiT said...

Yay about getting school stuff settled. Hope it continues to work out with the move.

I second straw cups. LP does great with those.

Can't believe our little ones are getting so big! LP's 18 mo checkup is coming up. We'll have to compare stats!