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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Day!

Victoria helping me pack :)

We met with the new buyers on Saturday to go over the house, they were here for 1 1/2 hours! Dan got to meet them and really likes them too!
They are so excited about the house, they told me that as soon as they entered the front door they just knew! how awesome! They already bought a bunch of stuff and measured each room. The husband is already planning his "manroom" downstairs. He is buying a pool table and ping pong table to set up. They have family that lives right around the corner too.
They head home today to Ohio, the home inspection is Thursday early and we should have a copy of their loan approval by then! So all contingencies will be cleared!!
Hard to believe it is really time to get moving :)
Working on a mobile storage unit that we will fill and have shipped up to Jax to be stored there till we have a new house.
We are so lucky to have my mom's place to stay while we look and hope to be settled before school opens in August.
The weather is crappy so we are hanging at the house, instead of going out on the boat. Dan's back(sciatica) is really bothering him, the PT is not helping much. I think we will be going to a chiropractor soon. I have a mean sinus cold that is just knocking me out :( Happy birthday to me :) It is only 60 this am!! brrrrr
I am packing about 1-2 boxes per day and hopefully we will have the storage unit here so we can start filling it soon.
We are still working out the logistics of getting the big boat up to Jax, we may just have to wait till after we move and then do a one way car rental to get back down here. It should only take about 4 days to get up there, depends on the water level in Lake Okeechobee.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday !
Glad to hear ALL your good
news. Feel better soon !
Love from Gabe.

Guhn said...
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