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Monday, April 7, 2008

Keep Praying!! It is working!

Everyone waiting for something to happen :)

The showing today went great!! The couple stayed here for about 45 minutes, asked all the right questions and LOVED our house!! We really liked them, they also have 2 kids almost the same ages as ours. They had a Catalina 35 for years that they just sold. They could not believe the coincidence that we had a Catalina 34 for 10 years and used to live on it :)
Our agent called us about 30 minutes after they all left to tell us that they really like the house and absolutely love the location! She also liked my touch of baking a couple of cookies just before they all got there :) They have a house to sell in Naples but have had a lot of activity on it and are not going to make our deal contingent on it selling. They asked our realtor if we would be willing to close quickly and then lease back for a few months while we got situated. Of course if in the meantime their house sold they would then want us out :) They are meeting with their finance person to work out details. At least then the pressure would be off us to wait for a closing before buying something else and Danny would be able to finish out school.
Last night about 5 my cell rang and it was the realtor. I thought she was calling to tell us she had an offer, but she wanted to let us know that another agent wants to show it tomorrow at 9! The more the merrier!!
Wow - this is getting real! and scary! At least the house is already clean :) ;0
What is kind of weird is that the realtor coming tomorrow was our original realtor from 1 1/2 years ago. We haven't spoken since we changed realtors. But at least she knows the house :) I don't know if I should stay or not. We did not part on bad terms and I know she would love to meet Victoria.
Keep praying everyone! We can feel them :) :)


Diana said...

More prayer headed your way! God will put you where he wants you, when he wants you...that I do know!!

I hope you decided on leaving for the next showing. But if not, I hope it went well anyway.

Alleen said...

I hope you get a great offer from one of them!! That would be great if you could lease it back until a better time to leave.


Here's hoping for some great offers on your house -- we know first hand what stress selling a house and moving can create.

The kids look big and beautiful! Please tell Danny that his friend Garrett says hello.