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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back home!

We are back home in our shorts and tshirts!
Pictures from vacation:
Our niece Nicole with her shadow aka Victoria before the family dinner on New Years Day. We all got together and had dinner at Bertucci's, yummy!

Anyone for a little bit of chocolate?? We celebrated my OLDER sisters birthday :) :)

Victoria playing with Grampy :)

after dinner we all sat around watching Mamma Mia! I have now seen it 3 times in the last couple of days :) What a great movie!

My bil and nephew playing wii. They were so into it :)

We got a call Friday am to say that our flights home had been cancelled and they booked us on new flights. Turned out so much better for us, we got home 2 hours earlier! Victoria was so good for all the traveling.
I called Dan once we were about 5 minutes from home so he could wake Danny up. When we pulled up at the house Dan, Danny and the dogs were waiting on the porch for us!
We were all happy to be in our own beds for the night!

Danny funny - Dan had taken Danny fishing Friday. They had bought shiners to fish with. After fishing for a little bit Danny was pretty upset by the live shiners in the bucket so they were set free!
Dan made the mistake of taking Danny to see Marley at the movies - they both cried!
Danny is still talking about the sad movie!

Danny has been a real stinker all weekend since I got home, I think he is still mad I left him home :(

Happy Birthday to my OLDER sister!!!!!

PTL school starts again tomorrow!!! :) :)

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Don and Be said...

Welcome home! Let the thaw begin!