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Sunday, January 18, 2009

clothing issue :)

First things first - Happy Birthday to my beautiful niece Kathryn who turned 18 today!!!

Now onto serious things:

This is how I found Ms V. after nap yesterday:

Here are her clothes in a pile on her bed, usually she throws them across the room:

This is what she woke up in - her pj bottoms. She couldn't get her top on :)

She stripped off her clothes, climbed out of bed, opened up her dresser drawer and pulled out her favorite pj's :) :)

She has decided that sleeping is for being naked. No matter what she wears when she goes down she takes it off. We haven't put a diaper on at naptime for a long time, but she still strips to skin. At bedtime she takes her pj's off, whips her diaper off and we usually find her with just her pj top on. I end up going up after an hour of sleep and re-dressing her. Two nights ago we put duct tape on her diaper so she could not get it off. That really pi**ed her off, but she could not get it off. When I went up to check on her she had only her diaper on. Last night we let her pick out her pj's and decided to just go without a diaper at all. We put the plastic sleeve over her mattress and a towel and layers under her sheets. Last night was the first night in weeks that she kept her pj's on!!!!
Then today's nap she wanted pj's and I told her they were for nighttime. When Dan went up to get her up she was naked with her clothes on the floor.
So I guess maybe we need to put her in pj's for nap too??
I guess we will see how it goes tonight and see if she keeps her pj's on.
If that works I hope we can convince her that all pj's are good and not just the DORA ones!!!!


Natalie C. said...

Happy birthday to your neice too!

Caleb loves pulling out all his clothes in the drawer he can reach.

Sorry I haven't written in a while. I always check up on ya'll though.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Duct tape!!! They say it has a million uses!!! That is funny!!!!