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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Exciting morning

This morning we were making coffee, getting the newspaper and chillin when the doorbell rang. Dan answered it and came back to tell me he had to help Bill, our neighbor, and would be right back.
About 15 minutes later I heard them on the porch and went out and found this:

This is what was inside:

Bill was walking his dog down our street and the dog sensed him. I wish I had known they were going to catch it because I would have filmed them doing it :)

I did some internet research and Bill made many phone calls to find someone that would take it in and care for it. We found a place in Elkton that specializes in birds and they were one of the few that actually answered their phone :)
So we had a great road trip! We all got dressed and piled into my car and drove the half hour to Elkton to turn it over.
The founder of the organization met us and quickly looked it over and told us that it was an old male horned owl!! She thinks he is starving and very weak and that is why he was sitting on the ground at the base of a tree. As they get older it is harder for them to catch food and it has been cold which makes it worse.
We gave her a donation and thanked her for taking care of him.

We felt so good!!
Bill is going to keep in touch with her and let us know how he is.


Anonymous said...

Since you gave the owl away, how about some guinea pigs. Stinkerbell really loved Nitrolls!

Love your younger sister

Don and Be said...

Way cool!

Sally- That Girl! said...

HOw sweet is that!