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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Road trip and Poor Dan!

Last Monday was a holiday so we decided to take a road trip! We got in the car and drove up to Fernandina Beach!

The obligatory pirate photo:

Mom!! Victoria is being eaten by a shark!

It was a little windy:

Playing on the huge anchor in front of the Fernandina Beach Marina:

This marina has spot in our hearts as we stayed here back in 1995 when we cruised down the coast in our sailboat!! It was so cool looking at all the sites and remembering.

After a great lunch at a sidewalk cafe we drove down to Amelia Island to hit the beach.

Love this pic of Victoria's footsteps in the sand:

Of course I told Dan to not let the kids get in the water as we had no clothes or towels. 2 minutes later he was rolling both kids pant legs up so they could wade.
2 minutes later Victoria fell on her butt when a wave hit her.

The kids having so much fun playing in the ocean:

Yes she is in her undies :)

Dan chasing Victoria after she ran down the beach after some birds:

Danny practicing his letters in the sand:

No mommy I have NOT been using the crayons again, why do you ask??

She is pretty much potty trained. We are using a step stool to help her be more independent at going. But her undies are always getting tangled :)
But she still is taking her clothes off at nap and bedtime. There is only one set of dora pj's that she will wear and I have not been able to find any more of them. Today's nap she took it ALL off! :)
She did learn a new trick this last week - she has figured out how to open doors :(
She has used this new skill to her advantage. We told her she has to stay out of Danny's room and let him sleep, so she comes down to our room if she wakes up and he is sleeping. This am she climbed into our bed at 5:30 and promptly fell asleep till 7:00. Danny has learned to yell Ma and she knows to run back to bed. We used to be able to keep her out of certain areas and now need a plan b.

How to impress a 6 year old:

Dinosaur sandwiches :)

Poor Dan:
He had an eye appt last week where they take pics and do an ultrasound of his eyes every 6 months. This is the first time we have been to Mayo and they were very nice. Victoria was very well behaved and it only took a couple of hours. On the way home Dan complained about his left eye really bothering him. As his eyes were dilated he would not be able to see for a while. Ms V slept in the car for about 1 1/2 hours so I took her with me to pick up Danny and do errands so Dan could relax in the dark.
When we got home his eye was really bothering him still. He said it felt like something was in his eye. I got him and ice pack and he said it felt a little better.
The next morning his eye was red, goopy and he said he could not see out of it! (Dan only has eyesight in the one eye) I thought it looked like pink eye so we called his Dr and they got us in within 30 minutes.
The nurse practitioner put some drops in and used a funky light and told him he had a very large corneal abrasion!! Luckily the drops medicated his eye. The Dr called Mayo and got us right back in again, but we had to be there in 45 minutes!
We boogied and made it. The Dr saw us pretty quickly and could not believe it when he saw it. He said it was the first time that something like this had happened. It had to have happened when he did the ultrasound. He has to have eyedrops 4 x's a day and it should heal in 1-2 days but his vision will take a couple more days.
We had to go back again the next day for another follow up.
Poor Dan :( Here it is 4 days later and his eye is still a bit sore and his vision is not yet all the way back. Today is the first day he drove at all as I have done all the running around.


Don and Be said...

I will have to bring JMei on a road trip over to the beach. She's never been there and your pics look like so much fun - perhaps in the Spring. Sorry about Dan's eye problem - wishing him the best.

Sally- That Girl! said...

Bummer about Dan's eye! Love the picture of V with the crayons, reminds me of GOT MILK!