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Friday, January 9, 2009

Just some pics :)

Busy week here, back to school for Danny :)
He started Karate again and was very excited to get his new tiger belt and show off his uniform with his name stitched on it :)
He starts track next week.
I go in for my back shot on Wednesday and am hoping it is no where as painful as the hip shot. :)
Dan sees his Dr this week to go over all his meds. His VA DR had added two new meds and the side effects have not been pretty :( His regular DR thinks he is on too much stuff too.
Ms V is her usual self, we put a diaper on at bedtime just to be safe and she rips it off as soon as she lays down to bed :) I sneak up later and put it back on. Knock on wood there have been NO accidents for weeks :) :)
(yes I know I just jinxed myself)
Here is a hodgepodge of pics from the last week:

Trying to get Nana's kitty to play

"helping" daddy clean the back porch

Sitting on the front porch relaxing (danny has the towel over his head because of the sun - he could not find his sunglasses)

Say "Cheese"

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Alleen said...

Love the pics!!! I'm so jealous you're even potty trained at night!!!!!!