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Monday, April 27, 2009

Best $18 spent and the Relay

I picked this up at a local consingment shop for $18:

The kids have played with it nonstop since we got it. Danny likes it as much if not more than Victoria :)

The official start of the Relay for Life at Bartram Trail High School on Saturday.

Dan had to work on the potty issues on the boat, so I took the kids with me.

Victoria keeping herself occupied, playing with things she found on the ground

Danny watching the ceremony and the musicians

The color guard at the opening ceremony

We then walked the first lap, the survivor lap. This is the first time I have had the kids walk the lap with me as they usually stay with Dan on the sideline. There were surprisingly few survivors at this walk. I am used to the big one in Fort Myers where I could really blend in. Here there were maybe 20-25 survivors so I really stood out. Walking the lap is just so amazing, people cheering you on and holding the kids hands just undid me. I cried the whole lap, luckily the kids had no idea.

We met nana for lunch and had her take a photo of us :)

Thanks to everyone that donated towards my walk!! :) :)