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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Great day in Savannah

Yesterday was a great day trip into Savannah. The weather was cold but sunny. As long as we stayed in the sun it was not bad.

the kids enjoying the swing at the marina

We took this trolley on a 90 minute tour around Savannah - so much fun!

Victoria really enjoyed the trolley ride :)

Paula Deen's Place

The statue of the Waving Girl, from a story of a woman who would go down to the riverfront and wave to the passing boats looking for her love to return from the sea

Is this an awesome advertisement or what?!?!

A huge EPA vessel docked at the river

A tugboat on the Savannah River, across the river is tugboat row. They wait there till they are needed

A good view of the old cotton buildings by the waterfront. Many have been renovated and have stores or restaurants on the bottom level

We walked through a candy making store - oh man the smells were great!
A fresh batch of taffy poured out on the slab

the candy maker stirring a pot of pecan praline

they had warm samples available and boy they were yummy!

Street construction by the waterfront, can't imagine how hard it is to work on the hill

Cutting through some of the old cotton sorting buildings on the river

Waiting on me - these old steps are steep and very close together

Another Danny shot - freezing our behinds off at the bus stop

We had dinner a short walk down the waterfront at a great restaurant called Tubbys. Good food and right across from the water.
Early to bed as we were leaving early the next morning after our complimentary paper and crispy creme donuts!!
Our plan is to get to Cumberland Island today and anchor for the night. We hope to see the infamous wild horses either tonight or tomorrow morning :)
It is supposed to warm up a little bit more each day.
Thank heavens the boat has heat :) :)

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Janeybaby said...

Can we trade lives for a week of two?!?!?! Pleeeeeezzzz?!?!?!

Great pics of Savannah. But I can't believe you didn't stop and go into Paula's. = )