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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The rest of our boat trip

Danny was very sad to leave the marina when we got the paper and donuts delivered every morning!

Wednesday morning we took off and headed back south towards home.
Doing hair with lego's

Proof that he DOES do windows :)

snack time, juice and pringles

This is one of the cuts we had to go through, the little white line on each side is where the shoals are!

The most exciting part of our trip was Danny losing his first tooth!!!

He was not happy as you can see in the pic. He asked us to put it back in :)

Our last day of vacation was spent in Cumberland Island, GA. We had been telling Danny all about the wild horses and he was so excited about seeing them.

Sorry this is from so far away, but there were several horses grazing right near where we were anchoring.

Both kids were just amazed they were right in front of us. We saw many different ones.

A beautiful sunset over Cumberland Island, GA

Sorry it is dark, this pic is of a couple of wild horses eating grass early in the morning on Thursday

one of the wild horses on the island right on the beach in front of us

having some tickle time with daddy

School is in session

he loves to be the teacher and doesn't realize he is learning at the same time :)

It looks like she is examining her cup, but in fact she is sound asleep!

I thought she was being awfully quiet :)

Sleeping with her toys still in hand

Vacation hangover

We were docked at the marina by 4:30, I had packed most everything while going down the river so we could get onto land. We had to pick up all the dogs by 6:30 or wait till tomorrow. Both kids wanted to go on the trip to get them.
The whole family was back home by 7:00.
It felt so nice to be home and in our own beds. :)


Don and Be said...

What a wonderful trip!

Natalie C. said...

wish i could go out on the boat with you...looks like fun

jmg said...

Nan & Dan, 5/19/09

Thanks for your Blog !! Wonderful to follow your life. It also brings to mind how you two improved Mary & My life. You are both so great. It is easy to remember the good times we had with you.


John Gillin