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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

school break!!!

Friday at school Danny had an Easter Egg hunt that turned into musical chair eggs since it was yucky out. Danny and Victoria had a great time! School ended really early so we decided instead of heading out tomorrow for vacation we left about noon time. Luckily we knew he was getting out early that morning so we dropped the dogs off for boarding first thing and then finished up our packing and loading.
Our plan was to head up the coast to Cumberland Island to see the wild horses.

Settling right in!

Little did Danny realize he was having school! We had him reading off letters and numbers on the signs and navigational aides and then finding them on the charts!
He did really great!

You think I AM going to nap???

I finally had to sit with her to get her to nap and she slept for 1 1/2 hours.

A couple of dolphin playing in our boat wake while traveling up the FL intercoastal from Jax.

Chillin out after anchoring in Bells' River (right across from Fernandina Beach)

Danny took this picture so I could actually be in one vacation picture :)

Our first wake up on board (Saturday) and all the kids are in our bed!

Danny having a slight meltdown. He had a rough day on Saturday trying to settle himself down for the start of our adventure.

Right after crossing the GA/FL border we passed by Kings Bay Sub base. Danny had really hoped to see a sub pass us by :)

This is low tide in GA - water on one side of the dock and mud on the other!

I did it myself!! and so proud of it!

One of Victoria's favorite pasttimes! squishing bugs against the windows :)

Dan and Danny fishing off the boat in Cattle Pen Creek, GA

While I was down below I heard Dan yell down for my camera - here is what they saw:

a momma pig and 3 piglets!!

Watching tv by candlelight, the kids were mighty impressed :)

We were anchored in Cattle Pen Creek, GA

Sunrise and rain drops as we head up the narrows

The kids playing in the play room since it is too wet outside

Going through Hell's Gate, GA!! Very shallow on both sides

Having a dock built on the Wilmington River in Thunderbolt, GA

Because the weather was not looking good for Monday we decided to head to a marina for Sunday and Monday nights. We decided to head to Thunderbolt, GA where we had stayed back in 1995 when Dan and I traveled down the coast.
This is what Victoria did just as we got to the marina! I laid her down on the cushion and ran back to the helm to steer us into the dock. I did it in one shot!

Unfortunately she only napped for about 15 minutes and heard the commotion. That was it for the day. So we walked up the street and had a late lunch!

NanDan tied up at the dock

She is a blur here because she was undressing and dancing. We were all excited to be taking showers on board!! :)

I decided to try out our washer/dryer on the boat and did 3 loads of laundry. Since Monday the weather was iffy we knew we weren't going anywhere so I washed our warm clothes as we will be wearing them again :(

Victoria taking a much needed full nap in her room

Once again we discovered that we could not empty our holding tank. Luckily this marina has a pump out so we had to move the boat up to get it pumped out. Danny was fascinated by the whole process. We also got 275 gals of Diesel fuel (figure out THAT bill!!)

It is amazing to see how quick the kids will drink when you give it to them in a plastic wine glass!!

Sunrise this morning over Thunderbolt!!

It is cold today! In the 50's. We are going to take the bus into Savannah and spend the day there sightseeing. If it warms up we will take the horse and carriage tour, if not the trolley tour.